Add parking availability

to mobile payments

While mobile parking payment applications create value by simplifying the parking payment process, there is now increasing demand to include additional parking services beyond payments. With Parknav®’s real-time availability information, static restriction information and turn-by-turn voice guided parking navigation, mobile parking payment providers can provide additional value added services that allow drivers to both find and pay for parking, all in one seamless solution.

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Find, park, pay

With the integration of Parknav® APIs and SDKs into mobile parking payment applications, users can now navigate to find parking, know the zone/price when they park and pay...the complete "in to out" of car experience.

Create new revenue streams

Including value added parking services can unlock new additional revenue streams for mobile parking payment providers.

Be above the competition

Distinguish your mobile parking payment solution from the competition. Improve your brand image and recognition with the parking features drivers demand.



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