Driving is an

emotional experience

Searching for parking is one of the most emotional experiences faced by drivers and passengers. Embedding Parknav®’s real-time availability, static restriction and turn-by-turn voice navigation information directly into the infotainment system of the vehicle removes the pain of parking.

Create the seamless parking experience. Make parking easy.

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Easy to integrate APIs

Parknav® APIs are compatible with any mapping platform and are based on JSON and GEOJSON frameworks. Spend less time developing, more time parking.

Built for the vehicle

Parknav®'s architecture for delivering the end-to-end parking solution was built specifically with the automotive industry in mind. Our cloud service is scalable and updates in real-time at low latency.

Provide measurable value

Whether its searching for parking at home or at work, Parknav® can reduce the time drivers spend in their vehicle by over 50%.

Embedded parking solutions
for the automotive industry

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