Understanding parking

in your city

Cities do not have the necessary information to make smart decisions about parking. They also do not want to spend valuable time, money and resources installing sensors at every single parking space around the city. Using its advanced data science principles and comprehensive parking experience, Parknav® can provide cities with detailed analytics for parking availability, restriction information, smart sensor placement and more.

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Smart City Dashboard 2.0

Map out restrictions

Cities either have outdated or incorrect information about their parking restrictions. Parknav® can provide the most accurate updated restriction information for better curb management.

Reduce costs

Rather than putting sensors on every single on-street parking space, Parknav® can use smart data science to either eliminate the need for sensors, or reduce the number by up to 95%.

City planning around parking

Understand where and when people park to implement smart pricing or urban planning.

AnalYtic solutions
for smart cities

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