ParkPal Greece partners with Parknav® to offer its customers the most comprehensive and accessible parking experience

Date: January 24, 2022
A revolutionary new application is “coming to town” that will contribute to a better, less frustrating, faster and more efficient parking experience for its users. ParkPal will be integrating the Parknav® AI and machine learning technology to complement and enhance the parking solutions they offer. With the new addition, their customers in Greece and Cyprus will have the ability to find on-street parking availability in real-time saving precious time and minimizing frustration.

Parknav® helps drivers find the best parking option for all types of parking. This means providing the fastest, easiest parking availability probabilities on every street, location, and even information about when a specific spot opens up. Parknav® also provides the most up-to-date information about parking restrictions on the street to know where and when not to park.

Parking congestion

Parking congestion

This technology is especially important in highly congested cities such as Athens with areas that are virtually impossible to find a spot in – with some even referring to the city as one ‘big parking lot’. Ever since the pandemic, people have been afraid to use public transportation which has only worsened an already stressful situation for the drivers of some 2.3 million vehicles that are registered in the city of Athens alone, and these numbers only continue to grow.

Panos Deros, Executive Director of ParkPal, said, ‘‘By incorporating this award-winning AI technology into the ParkPal app, Parknav will allow drivers in cities across Greece to navigate to their destination and find an available parking spot when they get there.’’

The partnership between Parkpal and Parknav® will not only provide users with the most comprehensive and accessible parking experience, but it will also improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of parking to Greek cities.

Igal Chemerinski, the CRO of Parknav said: ‘‘We look forward to contributing to the improvement of the complex traffic and parking issue in Greece through our partnership with ParkPal. With our artificial intelligence parking availability predictions, drivers can find a spot on top of paying for it through the existing ParkPal application.” Chemerinski added ‘‘This partnership with ParkPal will continue to strengthen our presence in the European market, and we are looking forward to launching our services in additional cities across the globe.‘‘

About Parknav®:
Founded in 2015, Parknav® revolutionized the ability to see real-time parking availability information. Using AI and patented data science technologies, Parknav provides the most comprehensive on-street and off-street parking information with real-time parking availability, turn-by-turn voice-guided parking navigation, and parking restrictions. For more information, visit

About ParkPal:
Since its inception some twenty-five years ago, the ParkPal family of firms has been pioneering advanced parking applications in Greece and has introduced and operated on-street parking systems in various cities across the country. ParkPal continues to champion technological solutions that can alleviate parking congestion, facilitate effective parking enforcement and help municipalities better serve their citizens and their visitors.

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