Parknav® to showcase the New City Portal in collaboration with Environmental Systems Research Institute

Date: July 18, 2022

[San Francisco, USA] – Parknav®, a provider of real-time on-street and off-street parking information technology, has launched an exciting new product that is here to fill in the missing information for city planners and mobility officers across the globe to make smarter, more informed decisions about their cities.
Parknav city portal allows municipalities to have a deeper understanding of parking inventory – from always knowing how many parking slots are available (city, region, and street), what the specific parking restrictions are, payment information, and what spots are available for permit holders only, and even how many slots are available for the load / unload, busses, taxi’s, handicapped and EV charging within the inventory.


“The new city portal will allow to analyze the impact and prepare for temporary changes e.g. blocking a street for construction, a large event, etc on the overall parking pressure”, said Simon Arazi, VP of Product at Parknav. “Cities around the world in fact lack this basic information and are challenged in making educated decisions on parking management. With Parknav City Portal they have exactly what’s needed to fill that hole in order to help city planners and mobility officers.” He added.
Parknav demonstrated the Parknav City Portal at the Environmental Systems Research Institute User Conference (ESRI User Conference 2022) in San Diego, California.

Parknav recently partnered with Celina Texas as their first city customer for Parknav City Portal. This will help the municipality to understand their parking areas and manage them better for increased benefits to the city, businesses, residents, workers, and visitors.

“Parknav’s goal is to make cities smarter and better for living. The partnership with Celina Texas helps to make this a reality.” Added Eyal Amir, CEO of Parknav. “With parknav City Portal, we are offering a solution to enable cities to manage their streets more efficiently, by providing residents with more information about parking options and availability, in addition to providing authorities with valuable insights about the flow and purpose of traffic on the streets.”

About Parknav®:
Founded in 2015, Parknav® revolutionized the ability to see real-time parking availability information. Using AI and patented technology, Parknav provides the most comprehensive on-street and off-street parking information with real-time parking availability, turn-by-turn voice-guided parking navigation, and parking restrictions. For more information, visit

Rutuja Gole

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