Parknav® to Demonstrate Parking Availability Solutions together with Deutsche Telekom at ITS World Congress

Date: October 11, 2021

Parknav®, a provider of real-time on-street and off-street parking information technology will be exhibiting together with its partner since several years Deutsche Telekom at the upcoming ITS World Congress to showcase their combined solution offering, bringing the most advanced and precise parking availability information to the city of Hamburg.

Parknav’s machine learning technology brings the most advanced and precise parking availability information in real time, to help drivers find parking in the city fast and easy, including on-street restriction information, the best time to park, and the area with the most available parking spots.

Together with Deutsche Telekom, Parknav will be showcasing a new smart city dashboard for on-street parking, including curbside restrictions, traffic control data as well as data acquisition from city sensors. The technology will also be presented on the guided city tours during the ITS. The new offering provides valuable information for city authorities to monitor and predict traffic and parking availability on the streets. The city portal includes:

  • 1-spot information per spot
  • Waiting time for a single spot
  • Duration of an occupied parking spot
  • Real time information of available spots

Using artificial intelligence patented technology, Parknav leverages data from installed sensors to further enhance the On-Street Parking Information Service to provide real-time predictions on the availability of individual parking spots in the street and the duration of parking with up to 95% accuracy.

“We are always excited to explore the possibilities of our partnership with Parknav. Together we help make more cities smart across Germany, by empowering cities with our combined innovative offering to give them accurate parking intelligence information” said Michael Kimberger, Head of Urban Mobility and Lighting at Smart City Deutsche Telekom.
This past year, Parknav partnered with Deutsche Telekom to help make the city more efficient by providing the City of Pforzheim with parking intelligence and a AI-based city dashboard.

“Parknav’s goal is to make cities smarter and better for living. The partnership with Deutsche Telekom helps to make this a reality.” Added Eyal Amir, CEO of Parknav. “Together with Deutsche Telekom, we are offering a solution to enable cities to manage their streets more efficiently, by providing residents with more information about parking options and availability, in addition to providing authorities with valuable insights about the flow and purpose of traffic on the streets.”

About Parknav®:
Founded in 2015, Parknav® revolutionized the ability to see real-time parking availability information. Using AI and patented data science technologies, Parknav provides the most comprehensive on-street and off-street parking information with real-time parking availability, turn-by-turn voice-guided parking navigation, and parking restrictions. For more information, visit

Media Contact
Igal Chemerinski, CRO 

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