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    An Offering from Parknav®

    Parknav is the next big AI smart tech

    Car manufacturers and local governments rely on Parknav to deliver real-time parking information to drivers with 95% accuracy. Our technology offers navigation data for more than 1,000 cities and generated over $1 million of revenue in 2019 alone. Parknav has increased its funnel 50X since 2016, and attracted customers like BMW, Siemens, and Deutsche Telekom (parent of T-Mobile).

    A thriving technology company with strong backing

    Parknav earned the trust and investment backing of Global Village VC with limited partners including Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell, and Jeff Bezos. As an investor, you’d be in good company.

    An expanding vision: Built for more than just parking

    Parknav’s predictive technology will enable cities to offer smart services, like if seating is available at your favorite café, if the nearest shop has the screwdriver you need, or where the nearest EV charging station is — and so much more. Our deep proprietary AI engine is planting the seed today for strong growth potential for early investors.

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    I have been looking for this technology for years. To me this technology impact is as impactful as the the smartphone map apps. I can’t imagine going back to using paper maps and I can’t imagine driving without Parknav after it becomes widely available to the public.

    Chris LieuParknav Investor

    I love that Parknav is making cities smart. We need our cities to be smart in so many places for so many reasons. I am confident that Parknav is going to be the platform of choice for Smart Cities, just as Google is the platform of choice for search.

    Zig Zag GmbHParknav Investor

    One day, this will be an app on every single phone in the world.

    Todd SorbinParknav Investor

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