Hamburg Case Study

Learn how the City of Hamburg achieved 95%+ precision in parking availability with minimal sensor placement in strategic locations using Parknav’s intelligent parking solutions





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 The City

The second largest city in Germany, getting around in Hamburg is no small feat. When the City of Hamburg was selected to be the home of the 2021 ITS World Congress, it embarked on an ‘ITS Strategy for Hamburg’ with enhancements to traffic safety, the improvement of traffic flow, the reduction of negative environmental effects caused by traffic, and the advancement of several innovations (including intelligent parking). In 2017, Hamburg announced it had partnered with T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom) to provide motorists with information about available parking spaces.
Leveraging on Parknav’s expertise in real-time on-street and off-street parking information, Deutsche Telekom relied on Parknav to create accurate real-time parking information utilizing a hybrid of data and minimal parking sensor placement.

 The Challenge

  • With a large population of 1.791 million inhabitants (2017), Hamburg needed to create a broad scalable parking solution to cover the entire city.
  • Hamburg had over 11,000 parking spaces. The city understood placing a sensor on every parking space would be unrealistically expensive, costing an estimated €1,650,000 plus around €132,000 in annual maintenance costs.

 The Solution

  • Parknav utilized its proprietary computer vision technology to quickly map out every street in Hamburg with up-to-date parking restriction information.
  • With high quality real-time on-street parking availability information, Hamburg could view individual streets and probabilities of open parking spaces with ease, allowing realtime parking planning adjustments and optimal inner-city transportation optimization.
  • With minimal sensor placement in strategic locations from Parknav guidance, Hamburg achieved 95%+ precision with 97% less equipment and maintenance compared to the next best solution.

We are proud to partner with Deutsche Telekom, and the City of Hamburg to assist in the reduction of negative environmental effects caused by traffic, and the advancement of our intelligent parking solution utilizing AI-based prediction models

Eyal Amir, CEO Parknav

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