Miami Case Study

Learn how Parknav enabled city of Miami-Dade to view on-street congestion with 99% accuracy






Project Completed

60 days

 The City

With a GDP over $345B and the third highest skyline in US, second richest city in US in purchasing power and 3rd globally according to 2107 UBS study; Miami’s curbside parking restrictions are important to quality-of-life for its inhabitants. In 2020, Siemens was awarded a $150 million contract by Miami-Dade County to install an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) providing real-time data to improve the movement of traffic, ease congestion and reduce carbon emissions.
Recognizing Parknav’s (Ai Incube’s) ability to produce accurate real-time availability information, Siemens leveraged Parknav’s data science expertise to create a solution for Miami-Dade that would be able to digitize curbside restrictions, edit curbside restrictions (via a web-based editor) and simulate traffic conditions based on curbside edits.

 The Challenge

  • Without precedence or easily accessible data, or access to real time and static parking information, Parknav started from ground zero to provide critical information.
  • The project required to keep within many constraints, and a tight timeline. There wasn’t time to setup a lot of sensors and yet the project required a high degree of accuracy.

 The Solution

  • Parknav utilized its proprietary computer vision technology to map out every street in Miami-Dade with up-to-date parking restriction locations and completed total project within 2 months.
  • Parknav supplied its proprietary curbside mapping restriction editor enabling Siemens and Miami-Dade to make changes to curbside restrictions.
  • In addition, Parknav supplied real-time traffic within the city of Miami-Dade enabling the city to view on-street congestion with 99% accuracy.

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