7 Equity Crowdfunding Offerings to Buy This Week

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This week we are bringing you a post by Josh Enomoto, InvestorPlace Contributor, which we think you might like!

We all know the early bird gets the worm. In the investment market, many people — particularly speculators — operate under that same policy. Typically, this means buying into initial public offerings (IPOs). However, thanks to recent laws opening the doors to equity crowdfunding and private investing ventures for the non-accredited investor (i.e. most of us), new opportunities have emerged.

One of the biggest drawbacks with IPOs is that they’re not really ground-floor investments. Instead, the leadup to a company’s public debut has been fleshed out. Sure, many have strong performances right out of the gate, allowing speculators to enjoy quick profits. But Wall Street’s graveyard is also filled with plenty of names that failed to catch on.

Comparatively, equity crowdfunding is inherently risky. The allure is that if ventures succeed in the leadup, the real early bird investors can sell their holdings at a nice rate. Often, private investing requires you to hold your position in an illiquid market until the big IPO payoff. But to the victor goes the spoils.

Another reason to consider equity crowdfunding is its gaining popularity. According to data from McKinsey & Company, the value of alternative investments worldwide increased 125% between 2005 and 2013. So, private investing is not a new concept — pent-up demand has been brewing for decades.

Unsurprisingly, the number of campaigns has also increased significantly. In 2017, we saw over 38,000 pitches to private investing participants. Based on data from Statista.com, experts predict we’ll see 67,000 proposals by 2024. In other words, this sector is on fire, necessitating at least a rethink on portfolio growth.

Still, you should be aware of the risks. According to Forbes, “90% of startups fail.” While you can deploy analytical methods to find the viable 10%, the raw odds absolutely do not favor you. At the very least, you could be looking at holding your position for many years without any accrued benefits.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you do your due diligence on any venture. Don’t be afraid to ask questions — the more difficult, the better. And above all, don’t take anything at face value until you’ve verified it for yourself.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is that if you want explosive growth, you need to start in the earliest phase possible. With the burgeoning equity crowdfunding market, this previously exclusive opportunity is now yours for the taking.

• Guardian Athletics
• Backstage Capital
• DigiBuild
• Clash TV
• Parknav
• Immersed

Now, let’s dive in and examine each one.

Due to the explosive progress of connectivity technologies, more consumers find themselves using their smart devices to purchase the goods and services they need. According to experts in the field, the mobile app segment alone will hit just over $4 billion by the end of this year. Furthermore, the sector could be worth nearly $5.3 billion by 2024.

This only underscores the importance for businesses to have not only a presence in the mobile app space but a commanding one. Unfortunately, many small-to-medium-sized firms are at a disadvantage due to their inexperience with app development. That’s where AIEDC, which stands for Artificial Intelligence Economic Development Corporation, comes to the rescue.

An equity crowdfunding offer listed on the Netcapital platform, AIEDC leverages their expertise in AI and machine learning protocols to help smaller organizations develop their own iOS and Android mobile apps with low-code or no-code.

Adding to this compelling private investing opportunity is the impact from the novel coronavirus. Sadly, the pandemic has disrupted small businesses the most. Through expansion of revenue-generating potential via AIEDC’s no/low-code proprietary platform, the company can help so many entrepreneurs get back on their feet.

As small business is the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, this equity crowdfunding play has the potential to be a win-win across the board. This is an upcoming offer but you can reserve your place with a minimum $104 investment.

Guardian Athletics

It’s not too often that an equity crowdfunding offer really speaks to me. Guardian Athletics does. I’ll share a personal anecdote with you.

Well before I was pumping out thousands of articles for InvestorPlace, this author was a member of his high school football team. No, I didn’t score four touchdowns in a single game (just one). Anyways, on one particular play, I saw the opposing team’s running back break through our defensive wall and I rushed in for the tackle.

Unfortunately, he was a big boy so I only managed to wrap his legs (more like tree trunks). That was enough time for one of our “Jumbos” to complete the assist. The last thing I remember of the play was my teammate rushing toward my area. The screen went dark and when my vision came back, I was looking directly at the clouds.

For some of you, this must explain a lot. But seriously, safety in athletics and particularly highcontact sports like football need advanced safety technologies that keep pace with the game itself. Guardian Athletics may have the solution with its KatoCollar, a lightweight device that essentially slows the range of motion associated with a high-impact collision.

It’s not lost on me that I could have been seriously injured or worse that day. For me, Guardian Athletics is a company that can save families from years or even a lifetime of torment. This is one private investing venture, which you can find on Netcapital, that I’m rooting for.

Backstage Capital

As Arlan Hamilton, founder of Backstage Capital and author of the book, “It’s About Damn Time,” might say, it really is about time that we harness the potential power of American diversity and broad human capital. But all too often, private investing opportunities benefit only a few institutional players, leaving many out in the cold.

As well, private investing has become a good ole boy’s club, with very little diversity in Silicon Valley. Fundamentally, this stymies people of color, women and LGBTQ+ founders from accessing the capital they need to fund their enterprises. Backstage Capital aims to overturn this paradigm by focusing on serving underrepresented communities.

Immediately, though, the dog whistlers will state that such companies are racially divisive and that we should really focus on the fact that “we’re all Americans.” Here’s the problem with this “logic” — by deliberately ignoring racial problems that genuinely exist in America, it only benefits those who profit from the present hegemony.

Besides, Backstage Capital is a company that really gets it. One of the biggest problems with race in America is that federal and state governments have thrown money at the diversity dilemma, which only gets choked up in bureaucracy and causes unnecessary ill feelings.

Instead, Backstage deploys free market principles, directly addressing the needs of the underrepresented entrepreneurial community. It’s not only a great equity crowdfunding opportunity, it can help reshape the future of American social discourse. You can find the company’s investor prospectus on the Republic.co network.


Thanks to the innovation of the blockchain, we now have a new sector that’s dominating headlines: cryptocurrencies. Today, it’s possible to send transactions both large and small for a minimal fee throughout the world, basically overturning the bank wire transfer paradigm.

However, the blockchain isn’t just about transferring money across peer-to-peer networks, though that is its most obvious innovation. Rather, this innovative architecture allows parties to execute transactions that don’t require a human intermediary. Such smart contracts could free up multiple inefficiencies, lowering costs and confusion.

It can also make an operation much safer. That’s one of the guiding principles of DigiBuild, an equity crowdfunding offering that leverages the power of the blockchain to help bring the construction industry into the 21st century.

While everyone is impressed with a construction project’s end product, not many realize the volume of paperwork involved. Worse yet, this workflow is incredibly fragmented, creating contradictory information leading not only to increased costs and legal fees but in the worst cases hazardous environments leading to on-site injuries or fatalities.

Because the blockchain is immutable, it represents a perfect record of data. Additionally, phase of a construction project can be linked to a blockchain architecture, with approval to move onto the next phase tied to decentralized consensus among the parties involved. It’s an exciting use case for the blockchain, and DigiBuild is a name to watch closely. You can find more information on its private investing profile.

Clash TV

I’m really hoping for not only a reduction in coronavirus cases but also a full return to normal. While I’m sure many people have enjoyed the year away from the office, being separated from everyone else also eliminates the various joys that only come from being around others, such as watching a game at the ballpark or enjoying a summer blockbuster with hundreds of other people.

However, that’s just not a reasonable situation today. Maybe it will change a few months down the line. But worryingly, many Americans expressed concerns about high-contact businesses, such as movie theaters. As well, psychological evidence indicates that it takes quite a long time for people to abandon their deeply established habits.

That’s one of the main reasons why Clash TV, an equity crowdfunding offer on the WeFunder platform, is so compelling. Using an interactive live streaming app, viewers are able to connect with others through various content, particularly sports-related events. In this way, Clash TV brings the human interactive element to the small screen while keeping everyone safe.

Better yet, Clash TV secured a partnership with FuboTV (NYSE:FUBO) and will launch on Pluto and Sling. With so many uncertainties around the Covid-19 pandemic, Clash TV offers tremendous relevance. For more information, please review the company’s pitch deck on WeFunder.com.


If you live in a major metropolitan area, you know how difficult it is to find parking. Often, you can spend several minutes circling around and around. And then, you must contend with the capriciousness of Lady Luck. You wish that you could have an intelligent AI system to help you find the spot you need.

Well, Parknav is the genie in the bottle you’ve been looking for. Featuring a big data platform that encompasses information from various sources, such as automakers and insurance companies, Parknav’s unique system presents the probabilities of where you will be able to find an open slot depending on the time of day and other key circumstances.

You might say that because of the pandemic, Parknav may have a growth problem. However, this health crisis won’t last forever. Even more, the pandemic actually caused people in major cities who previously relied on public transportation to buy their first car out of safety concerns. Once we get back to normal, there will probably be more cars on the road, further stressing the parking dilemma.

Best of all, Parknav doesn’t require additional hardware, substantially reducing costs and making the platform much more scalable. To learn more about this equity crowdfunding play listed on WeFunder.com, check out its investor pitch deck.


On a very cynical level, those who haven’t been directly impacted by the coronavirus may be enjoying this pandemic. Because of the broader work-from-home initiative, people got a taste of the good life, doing what they need to do but at home, affording more personal time and saving on commuting costs.

But there’s just one problem — actually, a handful of them. For one thing, video conferencing doesn’t just address the loss of non-verbal communication that you get from face-to-face contact. It’s hard to read the room when you’re looking at the room through a comparatively small monitor. Not only that, it’s just cumbersome to collaborate.

However, Immersed hopes to change this narrative with its virtual reality environment. Through its platform, Immersed recreates the office environment, allowing you to whiteboard ideas with your colleagues while bringing up multiple monitors — just like you would in the real world. Heck, you can even elect to chat over a virtual coffee shop if you wish.

Moreover, this equity crowdfunding venture has caught the eyes of several technology giants, resulting in partnerships with Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), HTC and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). Since we really don’t know when we’ll get over this pandemic, Immersed has the potential to catalyze a rethink in remote work. For more info, please check out Immersed’s investor prospectus on WeFunder.com.

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On the date of publication, Josh Enomoto did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

A former senior business analyst for Sony Electronics, Josh Enomoto has helped broker major contracts with Fortune Global 500 companies. Over the past several years, he has delivered unique, critical insights for the investment markets, as well as various other industries including legal, construction management, and healthcare.

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